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6.4cm Code: LOSJ0967 High Grade Pink / Purple Sakura Agate 樱花玛瑙



High Grade Pink / Purple Sakura Agate 樱花玛瑙 Size: 6.4cm, width 19.8mm Code: LOSJ0967 (Ia sesuai untuk anda sekiranya penumbuk anda dalam 22cm-23cm) (You can wear this bangle if your fist is 22cm-23cm) Sakura agate is a stone that encourages growth and fulfillment, it will help you keep moving forward. It is a very soft stone which can calm and soothe your mind to give you a feeling of inner peace. It brings serenity and prosperity. Its energies can act to alleviate negative thoughts but also negative emotions such as stress or anxiety. It is also a very good stone for self-expression, it will help you assert whatever is on your heart with greater ease. If you have emotional wounds or are an anxious person by nature, this is a stone that will be of great benefit to you. Sakura agate is a stone that could promote introspection, gentleness, wisdom, compassion, sincerity and forgiveness. It is highly recommended for people who have gone through difficult events or traumatic experiences.

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