6.5cm Code: LOSJ0495 Strawberry Quartz Bangle



Strawberry Quartz Bangle Diameter: 6.5cm Width: 0.7cm Code: LOSJ0495 (Ia sesuai untuk anda sekiranya penumbuk anda dalam 23cm-24cm) (You can wear this bangle if your fist is 23cm-24cm) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Strawberry Stone membawa love n good relationship bagi anda ❤ Strawberry Stone healing benefit: ✔️ Help improve love luck ✔️ Helps strengthen popularity and good luck 💖 Stone of Love. 💖 recommended for Singles who want to find a target can help attract good marriage relationship, improve couple relationship, improve working environment relationship) 💖 wearing Strawberry Quartz can enhance relationships with customers, improve affinity and promote business success 💖 encourage self love and appreciation 💖 inner healing 💖 Ia membawa energi "cinta" yg positif dan menggantikan perasaan negatif kepada harmoni (love and harmony)

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