6cm Code: LOSJ0686 Sakura Agate



Sakura Agate Size: 6cm Width: 14.4mm Code: LOSJ0686 (Ia sesuai untuk anda sekiranya penumbuk anda dalam 20cm-21cm) (You can wear this bangle if your fist is 20cm-21cm) -------------------------- P/S: ••🙋🏻‍♀️ Natural crystal/jade won't be looking 100% perfect. It inevitably have natural flaws like sand hole, uneven cuts of the beads during polishing, minor impurities, ice crack, inclusion, flat head, uneven color distribution, marks on beads, uneven bead sizes and etc. This is also the way to differentiate natural and artificial (manmade) crystal. ••🤝Please consider these flaws before placing an order. Thank you. 👋 Color might have slight difference due to lighting.

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