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Code: LOSJ0049 Four Season Phantom 9+mm 100% Natural Crystal Gemstone (Batu Kristal Four Season Phantom Semulajadi)



Four Season Phantom (Garden Quartz) Bead: +-9mm Wrist size: 15cm Code: LOSJ0049 (We will post randomly, items as in photo, don't worry, each piece is naturally beautiful☺️☺️) 🤩 Four Seasons Phantom also known as Garden Quartz has it's name from four colours representing four seasons: Green, Red, Yellow, White 1. Green Phantom (Spring; for Good Money Luck, Good Career Luck) .... It is specially recruited for money. Many businessmen like to wear green ghost ornaments 鬼佬财神, which means that the cause is smooth and straightforward. 2. Red Phantom crystal (Summer; good for personal charm and skin)...When a woman wears it, she can show her personal charm, and she can keep her color in an optimal state. It can be so charming and so intoxicating! 3. Yellow Phantom crystal (Autumn; Wealth and Health)...It has the effect of attracting money. Can reduce gastrointestinal diseases or discomfort. Helps the health of the human body. 4. White Phantom crystal (Winter; Clear mind and improve memory).... In addition to some good luck, you can refresh your mind and increase your memory

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