Code: LOSJ0088 High Quality Brazil Amethyst Phantom 100% Natural Crystal Gemstone (Batu Kristal Amethyst Phantom Semulajadi)



Natural Crystal High Grade Brazil Amethyst Phantom Quartz Bracelet Bead: 8+mm Wrist: 16cm Code : LOSJ0088 Bracelets will be shipped randomly. Don't worry, each piece is naturally beautiful. ✅ Wealth & career booster ✅ inspire creativity ✅ improve relationships Amethyst Phantom is two different crystal together in one , which is Amethyst + Phantom Quartz Benefits. Amethyst Phantom Quartz is a very rare and special healing crystal; this phantom quartz is in its raw and natural state. Phantoms inside a crystal are like a story line of the crystal's life, showing its evolution and transformations in its lifetime. The black phantoms are mineral deposits that appear in places where the growth of the raw amethyst crystal was interrupted, and then the crystal begins to grow after. Amethyst Phantom Quartz is a powerful crystal to promote spiritual growth, especially if you are experiencing a plateau that is keeping you from moving forward. The amethyst phantom quartz meaning inspires you to release things in your past that are holding you back, encouraging you to move forward and experience personal growth. Amethyst phantoms trigger the release of blockages and old emotional wounds that we may not even be aware of.

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