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Code: LOSJ0099 Fluorite Carvings



•Fluorite Carvings •Hand Wrist Size: 16cm code: LOSJ0099 (Random post out, don't worry, each piece is unique and beautiful) (Sesuai bagi orang yang pelupa 😋😋, pelajar, guru, orang yang selalu kerja kuat pakai brain power/ tingkatkan fokus pada pelajaran dan kerjaya/ ketenangan, mengurangkan stress/ membantu pemakai meningkatkan keyakinan diri/ merintangi masalah berkomunikasi sama orang lain) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HEALING BENEFITS: 🌸 Stimulation works together in the right brain to deepen thinking ability. Fluorite has miraculous effects on headaches, migraines and headaches, and helps eliminate emotional distress. 🌸 helps to stay focus, thus an excellent learning aid for studies, good for students/teachers or any work that requires a lot of brain power 🌸 better focus: Wearing fluorite for office work and reading can screen out cluttered thoughts and are not susceptible to interference from external opinions, which can effectively improve learning and work efficiency. 🌸 relieves stress and anxiety, calms nervousness 🌸 promotes better sleep 🌸 helps memory 🌸 more ideas and boosts self confidence 🌸 improves communication 🌸 amplify energy 🌸 enhance mental function and concentration 🌸 neutralises negative energy and stress 🌸 cleanses and stabilises our thoughts and aura 🌸 It can help the body's aura to degauss and purify, remove bad impurities, clean and balance the chakras. Very recommended for students and office workers, people who get influenced easily and people with togid thinking.

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