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Code: LOSJ0305 Diamond Cut Clear Quartz 12+mm



Diamond Cut Clear Quartz Beads: 12+mm Wrist: 16cm Code: LOSJ0305 Tidak dapat focus masa kerja & study ❓ Try Clear Quartz today , you will love it Clear Quartz Energy: 👍 Membantu meningkatkan memory 👍 Help create more focus 👍 Reduce Negative Energy Clear Quartz also known as the "King of Quartz", it can balance the energy in the body. White light is the mother of all lights. When the color light of the seven-color wheel rotates, it will become a piece of white. All power, evolved and diffused from white light, is the highest energy in the universe. There is a saying: as long as you obtain the power of white light, you can achieve all your wishes. Among all crystals, white crystal is the most widely used, functional and popular crystal. ✔️Healing benefits: •cleanses Aura •amplifies energy •master of healing •improves focus, concentration & balance •to help memory especially in studies •improve feng shui •can recharge and cleansing other crystals

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