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Code: LOSJ0502 High Grade Citrine 8+mm



High Grade Citrine Bead: 8+mm Wrist: 16cm Code: LOSJ0502 Origin: Brazil HEALING BENEFITS: šŸŸ”Attunes to the Solar Plexus Chakra, helping to cultivate confidence and personal power. šŸŸ”CitrineĀ contains a solar quality of energy. šŸŸ”November birth stone. šŸŸ”Origin: Brazil šŸŸ”Known as the Success Stone and the Merchantā€™s Stone because it will create success and abundance in your business or career. Brings prosperity and abundance in life. šŸŸ”Draws off negative energy, bring joy. šŸŸ”Attracting new money opportunities and new business opportunities to you. šŸŸ”Imparts joy, wonder and enthusiasm. šŸŸ”Gives you strength and courage to cope with problems in life. šŸŸ”Help you protect your wealth; attract both personal and professional success. šŸŸ”increase self confidence. It encourages balanced emotions and calm feelings. šŸŸ”strengthens motivation and willpower šŸŸ”removes an.xiety and fe.ars

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