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Code: LOSJ0508 Chinese Lacquer Beads 18mm



Chinese Lacquer Beads Bead: 18mm Wrist: 17cm Code: LOSJ0508 What are the benefits of Lacquer? ▪️Wearing lacquer bracelets can make people's mind calm and has the effect of clearing the mind and calming the air. ▪️The rich organic substances contained in the lacquer bracelets can make people's skin fair and translucent, and play the role of rosy skin. ▪️Wearing lacquer bracelets for a long time can also pleasant people's mood and improve people's sleep. ▪️The large lacquer bracelet is made of the liquid collected from the lacquer tree. It has a very high medicinal value. It can effectively calm people's mind. ▪️The lacquer bracelets are rich in organic substances, which can act on the human body, thus playing the role of ruddy skin and making people's skin fair and translucent, so the lacquer bracelets also have the effect of beauty and skin care. ▪️The lacquer is deep, subtle, rich and elegant. Long-term wearing can release people's inner pressure, and then relax themselves, which can play a role in pleasing people's mood, and can also improve people's sleep to a certain extent, so lacquer bracelets also has the effect of relieving stress and preventing insomnia. ---------------------------------------- What material are the lacquer beads? The efficacy and function of large paint beads? Since ancient times, lacquer can be used as medicine, and lacquer is also known as natural lacquer, raw lacquer, earth lacquer and national lacquer. Commonly known as Chinese paint. It is a kind of natural resin coating, which is a kind of white viscous emulsion flowing out from the bast after cutting the bark of sumac, and it is made by processing. It is a pure natural product. Natural lacquer is recognized as the "king of paints" in the world. Lacquer is deep, subtle, rich, and elegant, so it is rare. A single lacquer tree can only cut 10 kilograms of raw lacquer throughout its life cycle. 3,000 lacquer trees collect one kilogram of lacquer. There are strict lacquer cutting systems and methods. A little carelessness will lead to the death of the lacquer tree. Jin paint" statement. Paint farmers usually go into the mountains in the middle of the night and change their clam shells every few seconds, so the lacquer on the market today is extremely expensive. The lacquer has a sense of life. The newly completed work is like a baby, growing over the years, and each layer of lacquer has a different "awakening" state. When it is opened, it is the warmth created by the lacquer's storage time. beauty. It is this characteristic that makes lacquerware works endure for a long time, always showing the artistic charm that never decays, and records and inherits the long and glorious Chinese community. The lacquer process is a kind of surface painting, which is beautified by color painting and carving. It uses the contrast and reflection of different colors and different spaces to create a handmade art of three-dimensional visual beauty. Lacquer beads are one of those categories. The natural raw lacquer harvested from the lacquer tree is used to paint the beads with fine wood as the tire layer by layer, and the patterns are drawn with different lacquer colors. After a series of drying and polishing processes, the surface passes through layers of light. The lacquer shows patterns, has a musical or spectral rhythm, and is visually very beautiful and moving. To make a lacquer bead, sometimes it takes dozens of times of painting and polishing process, step by step, the color will be bright and bright, the luster will be moist, and the lacquer leather will be natural and pure, like a natural generation. This kind of craftsmanship, which relies on manual painting and grinding, also makes lacquer beads a popular item for people to enjoy and collect.

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