Code: LOSJ0566 Natural White Bodhi Bracelet Drumbead 12+mm



Natural White Bodhi Bracelet Drumbead Bead: 12+mm Wrist: 17cm Code: LOSJ0566 Bodhi Seed bracelet come with great benefits: ~Promotes Calmness and Inner Peace ~Attraction of Wealth ~Boost of Luck ~Better Business/Sales ~Provides Protection and Good Fortune ~Enhances Concentration and Focus ~It is believed that the bodhi seeds carry very special energy that will increase general awareness and clarity, help in soothing our mind, calm the nervous system, and free negative thoughts. ~Bodhi seeds can play a role in relieving stress. ~It is believed that wearing bodhi can prevent the radiation EMF of electrical appliances to the human body. ~Wearing it on the body can relieve stress, especially suitable for people who often stay up late, work, and study pressure. ~It symbolizes peace and auspiciousness. Wearing it on the body for a long time can play a role in keeping away from disasters, making the body more healthy, and has the effect of prolonging life. Bodhi root is not the root of a tree, but a kind of seed called palm leaf palm. That kind of plant blooms and bears fruit once in several decades, and then the whole plant dies. The seeds of this plant have a chocolate-colored crust when cut open, which turns milky white when cut open. The original fruit is polished, followed by flower roots and white roots. As it is naturally milky white colour, the green, red, other colour is dyed. -------------------------- P/S: ••🙋🏻‍♀️ Natural crystal/jade won't be looking 100% perfect. It inevitably have natural flaws like sand hole, uneven cuts of the beads during polishing, minor impurities, ice crack, inclusion, flat head, uneven color distribution, marks on beads, uneven bead sizes and etc. This is also the way to differentiate natural and artificial (manmade) crystal. ••🤝Please consider these flaws before placing an order. Thank you. 👋 Color might have slight difference due to lighting.

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