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Code: LOSJ0720 Aquamarine + Madagascar Rose Quartz



Aquamarine + Madagascar Rose Quartz Bead: 9+mm Wrist: 16cm Code: LOSJ0720 Khasiat Aquamarine: 🔵 melindungi kesihatan tekak 🔵 menguatkan ekspresi peribadi 🔵 improve skill komunikasi 🔵 menambahkan keyakinan diri 🔵 menguatkan keupayaan bahasa 🔵 crystal yang membawa banyak luck 🔵 Sebagai Love stone, meningkatkan keharmonian rumah tangga. 🔷The energy of aquamarine corresponds to the throat chakra, which can help strengthen personal expression, communication skills, language ability and improving symptoms for people with poor memory, creativity, disordered thinking, weak voice and lack of courage. 🔷Aquamarine has a calming effect, can improve self confidence. 🔷Aquamarine can guide the positive divergence of fortune energy and improve the aura of the human body, thereby enhancing the overall fortune! Aquamarine also has the effect of enhancing career luck, wealth luck and peach blossom luck. 🔷As a Love stone, improving household harmony. 🔷Cooling, Calming, Communication. Reduces the effects of sensitive issues that can cause quarrels 🔷Improves relationship 🔷helps migraines problems

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