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Code: LOSJ0094 Morganite 9+mm 100% Natural Crystal Gemstone (Batu Kristal Morganite Semulajadi)



Morganite Bead: 9+mm Wrist: 16cm Code: LOSJ0094 ✅reduce stress, anxiety ✅divine love ✅love & peace ✅relationship ✅harmony ✅calm ✅enhance self confidence ✅heals broken heart ✅joy & compassion ✅overcome old sorrow Batu Morganite amat sesuai untuk orang yang mengalami stress dan tekanan tinggi, untuk peace dan calming, good relationship dengan keluarga dan rakan sekerja; untuk yang rasa susah nak tenang, boleh pakai morganite supaya rasa tenang. 🤩Why Would You Use Morganite? Good Quality morganite will bring you the frequencies of compassion and kindness. It will also make you more receptive to gentle and loving words and actions from other people. It can help you attract energies of prosperity and abundance, and it will give you good luck just when you need it! It is a gemstone of divine love. It brings energies of promise, healing, compassion, and assurance to anyone who is in love or in a relationship. It will attract an abundance of love into your life, and it will help you keep that love growing. Its gentle pink energy will attune you to heart chakra and cleanse you of your stress and anxieties. It will get rid of your old wounds and hidden traumas and rekindle the lightness in your heart and mind. They will make you discover your own strength and courage, and they will give you peace and confidence to just keep going! It will give you peace and quiet during your busy and crazy days. It will help you destress.

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