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Code:LOSJ0654 Burmese Grade A Jadeite Jade Pendant Guanyin



Burmese Grade A Jadeite Jade Pendant Guanyin Setting in S925 Silver Size: 3.8 x 1.8cm Code:LOSJ0654 🎁 FREE: stainless steel necklace 45cm 庇护安康 观音长久以来一直是慈善与救赎的化身人,观音心性柔和,仪态端庄,可以除去暴戾之气,远离是非,明察世事,远离祸害。解救困顿。观音菩萨可救助世上的一切痛苦和困厄,观音菩萨能急人所急,难人所难,随时解救困厄的人。蒸蒸日上。佩戴观音还有官印加身、事业有成的美好期待。 Wearing Guanyin has the meaning: Guanyin had long been the incarnation of charity. Guanyin has a gentle heart and a dignified manner, which can remove violence, stay away from right and wrong, observe world affairs clearly, and stay away from disasters. Relief from difficulties. Guanyin Bodhisattva can save all the pain and distress in the world. Wearing Guanyin also has the good expectation of being promoted at work and having a successful career.

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