code: LOSJ0037 Amethyst Citrine 11+mm 100% Natural Crystal Gemstone



•Amethyst Citrine •Bead size: +-11mm •Hand Wrist Size: 15cm •Code: LOSJ0037 You pay for one bracelet but get the healing benefits of two crystals! 🥰🥰 Citrine: Untuk attract money, business and career luck/ wealth enhancer/ tarik kekayaan/ tarik duit/ batu lahir bulan November/ happy and joy stone/ attract good fortune & prosperity/ attract positive energy/ healing stone Amethyst: It helps to ease anxiety, stress, depression and helps for Crown Chakra. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CITRINE HEALING BENEFITS: 🟡Attunes to the Solar Plexus Chakra, helping to cultivate confidence and personal power. 🟡Citrine contains a solar quality of energy. 🟡November birth stone. 🟡Origin: Brazil 🟡Known as the Success Stone and the Merchant’s Stone because it will create success and abundance in your business or career. Brings prosperity and abundance in life. 🟡Draws off negative energy, bring joy. 🟡Attracting new money opportunities and new business opportunities to you. 🟡Imparts joy, wonder and enthusiasm. 🟡Gives you strength and courage to cope with problems in life. 🟡Help you protect your wealth; attract both personal and professional success. 🟡increase self confidence. It encourages balanced emotions and calm feelings. 🟡strengthens motivation and willpower 🟡removes anxiety and fears Amethyst: 🟣Attunes to Crown/Third Eye chakra, which is closely associated with wisdom, knowledge and clarity of mind. 🟣Stone of Peace and Calm. It calms the mind, relieve stress and troubled minds. 🟣stress reliever 🟣increases positivity. 🟣brings mental clarity. 🟣purify negative energy (protection against negative energies). 🟣anxiety soother. 🟣recommended healing stone for those who are having anxiety or depression. 🟣easier to fall into a good night sleep.

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