code: LOSJ0152 Jarum Mas (Rutilated Quartz) 8+mm



Bracelet Jarum Mas (Gold Rutilated Quartz) Beads: 8+mm Wrist: 16cm Code: LOSJ0152 📝 random pick 金发晶 ~招正财 、偏财 、人缘 ~避邪、健康、防小人 ~对事业也有帮助,提升旺气,斗气,判断力,果断力,招贵人,有逢凶化吉之意。 ~帮助肠胃等消化器官,对胃,肝,胆都有帮助 💰 💰 💰 Gold Rutilated Quartz, sesuai dipakai oleh semua Chinese animal zodiac untuk attract money luck dan business luck. Jarum Mas adalah kristal yang sangat power untuk menjemput rezeki/wang/kekayaan. Dipakai utk improve kewangan dan ia sgt bagus utk para peniaga senang dapatkan sales. Manfaat lain jarum mas: ✅ Menghilangkan aura negatif pada pemakai ✅ Pembawa kedamaian ✅ Attract business luck, kekayaan ✅ Meningkatkan chakra dalam badan ✅ Keyakinan diri dan kewibawaan ✅ Menyeimbangkan aura.Mendapatkan pengaruh ✅ Kharisma dan kewibawaan sangat besar ✅ Pelaris barang jualan ✅ Mengatasi tekanan perasaan ✅ Membatalkan niat jahat orang lain terhadap diri pemakai ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🔸Stone of abundance & prosperities. 🔸Stabilizing relationship. 🔸Balance aura. 🔸Brings warm,peace & harmony. 🔸for manifestation. Attract prosperity and wealth. 🔸soothes your feelings of guilt, loneliness, and isolation. 🔸attract relationship and love. Bringing peace, joy and contentment. 🔸As a talisman against evil energies. 🔸enhances clear thinking. 🔸healing and cleanses energy. 🔸for health and healing, wealth and in love and relationships. 🔸In Feng Shui, it is a stone believed to attract wealth luck. A very popular stone among businessmen, Rutilated quartz is highly energizing, and can bring passion into difficult times or difficult projects. This crystal prepares one to face new challenges with confident, enhances concentration, improves foresight and also gives you the ability to discern the positive or negative vibes or motives of a person, place, or thing. 🔸Rutilated quartz can help you see things that you might not notice otherwise, and help you see what action needs to be taken in order to fix the problem that you are currently having. It can also give you the strength to actually take that action. 🔸Its needle inclusion features the transmission and intensity of the power, making it a powerful healing stone. 🔸helps bring new hope, acting as a powerful anti-depressant, giving you relief from anxiety. Soothes dark mood and relief. 🔸to cleanse all blockages on your mind so you can enhance and reach your full intellectual abilities. 🔸It helps you face challenges in your relationships and give you the courage to move forward, leaving your past behind. 🔸It is said to reduce fears depression and loneliness. 🔸Wear a Rutilated Quartz while you are on a holiday or business trip for protection. It protects the wearer from negative spirits - especially those who go out late. 🔸Rutilated Quartz can clear energy blockages from all of the chakras, bringing mental and physical balance and stability. 🔸Emotionally, Rutilated Quartz is an uplifting stone that is purported to infuse joy into one's life, soothe dark moods and alleviate depression. This stone is said to relieve loneliness, feeeling of guilt, phobias, anxiety and fears. It counters self-hatred, heals emotional wounds and releases constrictions. Rutilated Quartz also promotes forgiveness at all levels. 🔸Physically, Rutilated Quartz is reputed to speed healing of injuries and slow down aging. It is believed that ladies who wear them will exude better aura (looks "brighter" with improved complexion) - hence its name "Iluminator for the soul".

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