code: LOSJ0159 High Grade Silver Obdisian 10mm



•High Grade Silver Obsidian •Beads: 10mm •Wrist: 16cm •Code: LOSJ0159 ✔️Increases Willpower ✔️Brings an Intense Calm ✔️Increases Awareness ✔️Balance the Left and Right Brain ✔️Attunes to Root - Throat - Third Eye Chakras ✔️Attract wealth Silver Obsidian is a rare species in the obsidian family. It can enhance vitality, restore people's spirit and physical strength, and has a good balance for office workers and creative workers who are overworked. It can also strengthen the kidneys, absorb disease gas, and improve sleep; it can improve alcoholism, smoking, and drug addiction; in addition, silver obsidian has another feature, which is to attract wealth. Coming from the root of the Earth, Obsidian creates an energetic cord from the Root chakra at the base of the spine all the way down to Earth's core. This grounding energy brings a feeling of security, positivity, and divine earthly love. It brings balance to the root stimulating energy flow, and manifesting creativity. Its intense yet calming energy will aid anyone on their journey to remain calm and keep moving forward through adversity. Follow us at: ------------------------------------ Pls Like & Follow: FACEBOOK Lian One Stop Jewelleries @ 🌍 Website: 🛍️ TIKTOK: 🛍️ Join Telegram Channel for more choices and best prices: 👉🏻Instagram: 📲 Whatsapp: ------------------------------------ ⚠️ Due to the light and screen display difference, the item's colour may be slightly different from the picture.

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