code: LOSJ0193 Amethyst Cube



High Quality Amethyst Grade Bead: 11+mm Wrist: 16cm Code: LOSJ0193 šŸŸ£Attunes to Crown/Third Eye chakra, which is closely associated with wisdom, knowledge and clarity of mind. šŸŸ£Stone of Peace and Calm. It calms the mind, relieve stress and troubled minds. šŸŸ£stress reliever šŸŸ£increases positivity. šŸŸ£brings mental clarity. šŸŸ£purify negative energy (protection against negative energies). šŸŸ£anxiety soother. šŸŸ£recommended healing stone for those who are having anxiety or depression. šŸŸ£easier to fall into a good night sleep. šŸŸ£Regulates hormones and reduces headache.

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