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code: LOSJ0228 High Quality Black Rutile Quartz Grade 5A 11+mm



Black Rutile Quartz Grade 5A Bead: 11+mm Wrist: 17cm Code: LOSJ0228 (Bracelets will ship randomly) 🔺Attunes to Crown and Root Chakras. A very good grounding stone. 🔺Black Rutile Quartz is a type of quartz that contains needle-like black inclusions of rutile. These black inclusions are fine filaments of titanium dioxide. 🔺Believed to be very powerful in protecting wearer from "bad intention people" such ad backstabbing, gossips, malice etc 🔺Black Rutile Quartz is a strong crystal that enhances your intuition and knowledge while also assisting you in successfully overcoming life obstacles. This powerful stone also aids emotional strength, heals previous wounds, and cleanses the spirit. This stone helps you to connect more deeply to Mother Earth's loving and grounding energy, as well as to higher energy of knowledge and profound spiritual healing. 🔺It is an effective stone for depression as well as other life traumas. As it opens up new ways of living, it assists you in accepting obstacles. Encourages you to let go of everything that is no longer serving you. Negative energy is eliminated by this precious stone. The stone will help you decide and correctly assess your situations to make the best out of your opportunities. 🔺For individuals who need to negotiate commercial transactions, this is a powerful stone. This stone is ideal for financial issues. Assists the owner in making critical decisions, which leads to victory.

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