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code: LOSJ0271 Premium Grade Golden Emerald Chrome Mica 11+mm



๐ŸŒŸ Golden Emerald Chrome Mica (PHLOGOPITE) Premium Quality, Collectors Grade. Origin: Brazil Bead: 11+mm Wrist: 17cm Code: LOSJ0271

Product Details

-A very captivating, glistening pearly lustre semi precious stone, it attracts both wealth and harmony. This is a fabulous one if you are a businessman because it is known as the โ€œhigh manifester.โ€ Widely used as a crystal of luck and fortune, this is one gorgeous stone for bringing in money, for grounding, it attracts abundance and prosperity, bringing in good luck and money luck. 

- This gentle healing stone stimulates all chakras, dissolves your condensed stagnant energy blocks, and brings true happiness. (Joy and prosperity)

-It's shimmering, reflective properties also encourages love, trust & communication, improves the relationship in marriages & family. Keeps the peace in relationships. 

-It calms our emotions and increases our self esteem and self confidence.  The light color of the Golden Emerald Chrome Mica has auxiliary effects in the treatment of heartache, heart disease, high blood pressure, dyspnea, tension, insomnia, anger, delusions, and cancer.

-It radiates peaceful and calming energies. Helps to clear away stress and anxiety, and very useful for people with insomnia as it has a reputation for helping with peaceful sleep.

-When you are feeling high pressure, take the Golden Emerald Chrome Mica and do some Meditation, light fills the whole body, can relieve tension and relax yourself.  

-Golden Emerald Chrome Mica corresponds to the solar plexus, which can bring the wearer full of abundance of energy. It attracts both wealth and harmony.

-It is one of the best mood stabilizers. It contains a lot of lithium and can be used to fight anxiety therefore allowing us to face difficulties easily and helps soothes depression.

-Let people relax tension, maintain a relaxed mood, think clearly, and let people respond correctly when busy.

-It shields against jealousy and "bad people" with bad intentions. Use it when you want to shield jealousy and bad intentions from these "bad people". Use it when you are going through tough times in life, it gives the user peace of mind, especially during trauma or emotional shock.

-Eliminate arrogance, discover the truth, not be easily deceived by others.

-It is a healing stone for the soul-Enhance self-confidence, help achieve goals, relieve mental stress, and make correct judgments.





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(Warna sebenar item mungkin akan berbeza sikit dari gambar kerana faktor pencahayaan & skrin tontonan yang berbeza.)


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