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Palo Santo wood: RM6/pc ☑️creates a relaxing atmosphere ☑️spreads a lovely smell ☑️purifies & cleanses your spaces ☑️clear your mind ☑️brings good energy ☑️removes negative energy ☑️relieves stress & anxiety ☑️recharges energy ☑️increases concentration ☑️uplifts mood & raises vibrational frequency ☑️helps with insomnia HOW TO SMUDGE WITH PALO SANTO: > Simple Steps 1 LIGHT ONE END OF THE WOODEN STICK WITH A LIGHTER, MATCH, OR A CANDLE. 2 HOLD THE STICK AT A 45° ANGLE TOWARDS THE FLAME. 3 LET THE STICK BURN FOR 30 SECONDS AND THEN BLOW OUT THE FLAME. YOU SHOULD BE LEFT WITH A SMALL TRAIL OF CONTINUOUS SMOKE 4 SET YOUR INTENTIONS. VISUALIZE WHAT YOU WANT TO CLEAR OUT AND WHAT YOU WISH TO ATTRACT. 5 IMMERSE THE AREA WITH SMOKE. REMEMBER THE CORNERS WHERE ENERGY OFTEN STAGNATES! 6 EXTINGUISH THE STICK IN A METAL, GLASS, OR CERAMIC BOWL OR ANY HEAT-PROOF SURFACE. 7 THE GLOW WILL EVENTUALLY GO OUT ON ITS OWN AFTER 1-2 HOURS.

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